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Why Faux Fur Shouldn't Be Fast Fashion

Faux fur clothing could be a lot less ethical than previously believed, due to the pollution it can add to the environment.

The Daily Mail has reported “growing concerns” that faux fur could be a “toxic timebomb” and is “even less ethical than real fur”.

According to many working in the field of sustainable fashion, there’s truth to the claims - a huge amount of clothing ends up in landfills across the UK and making acrylic clothing is highly energy intensive.

But it doesn’t mean we should support the real fur industry instead.

Qiulae Wong, head of marketing at the Ethical Fashion Forum, told The Huffington Post UK that people need to reconsider their general shopping habits.

“Over 60% of fibre currently being used in apparel is synthetic - so whether it is faux fur or other textiles, the fact is the majority of our clothing today is made out of plastic - which is extraordinarily damaging to the environment.

“To shop more mindfully, consumers can look for and, more importantly, ask for more sustainable alternatives such as recycled polyester.”