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The 10 Best Faux Fur Coats To Shop For Fall

Fur coats are a winter essential for some, and a total "absolutely not" for others. So hooray for faux fur. Those who fall in the latter category have been thrilled over the past couple of years that, thanks to brands like Stella McCartney and Saks Potts, faux fur is more stylish and better quality (ie, no more Muppet-like coats, thanks) than ever. So, if something soft and fuzzy is on your fall wish list, definitely consider going the faux route—not only is it the ethically responsible choice, but it's also a lot less pricey. And besides, this season's fake furs are just as incredible, if not more so, as the real ones—think color, color, color and print, print, print. In a nutshell, the more whimsical, the better.