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Faux Fur Is Amazing. We Never Apologise For Not Being Real

There is a roomful of people carefully cutting out circles from sheets of ‘fur’ to make the hugely popular pompom key rings that were introduced last year. ‘We expected to shift 400 of them. In the end, we sold just under 25,000,’ Hester laughs. ‘We had to draft in the whole village to make extra. We paid people by the pompom! Some took the materials home and came back with bags full.’

 The pompoms are made entirely ‘from offcuts. We hate waste.’ (The rest of their unused faux fur is donated to local schools for art projects.)

The key rings retail for £28 and their popularity, the women explain, reflects the larger success of the Helen Moore brand. ‘We all know you can buy something that looks similar for about £3,’ says Helen, ‘but many people were willing to pay more for ours because they recognise our superior cutting techniques, the higher quality of our fur and the handmade feel of our pieces.’