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Plush industry market

More than 1.3 billion people in China, and infants and children under 14 years of age was nearing more than 300 million people, 25% of the total national population, accounting for about 1/3 of the world's school-age children. Urban children, 80 million people in China, they make up an unusually large group of toy sales. In many varieties of toys, plush toys and children car toys top sellers.

Clothing industry: a good momentum of development in the apparel industry, thereby promoting the textile industry, including the plush fabric development. Now with the emergence of animal rights and the lack of natural animal resources in the world, makes its alternative BOA fabric clothes more and more into people's lives.

Automotive textiles: foreign textiles for car decoration, in the main alternative to leather. According to statistics, about textile consumption 23.2 meters per car, each truck about 15.2 metres, at present, car ownership has more than 3300duowanliang, while domestic auto interior mainly uses leather, facilitated by the rapid development of the domestic auto industry, automotive textile products have broad market prospects.

At present, the plush fabric industry technology trends are: the increasing demands of flame retardant fabrics, the new status of flame retardant fiber materials gradually increased. Textiles in each of the world staggering losses of lives and property caused by fire, it is difficult to estimate.

So, developed on including toy zainei of textile products of flame retardant performance are has different degree of mandatory quality requirements; with environmental consciousness constantly enhanced, new dye whole material of development using also speed up has speed, new dye whole material except more good of dye whole effect zhiwai, also must more perfect to protection fabric of length, and strength, and elastic, and wear sex, and resistance chemical sex, original performance. Due to developed plush downstream products such as toys, clothing and other products with high environmental and health requirements, so the production of plush toys, clothing fabrics has a corresponding request.