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Natural fur and faux fur how to distinguish it

Methods are as follows:

1, test the handle

The hair between the fingers twisting, faux fur usually feel a rough, sometimes in wet weather or sticky hands, feel pretty much like stuffed toys; natural fur soft and silky hair between his fingers, and feel just like stroking a pet cat.

But as the level of artificial fur simulation enhanced feel alone test have not precisely identify the fur is true or not.

2, view the hair pin

Natural fur guard hairs there end of a layer of rich velvet, cashmere is the end of guard hairs; faux fur coat structure is simple, no end of wool, and hair length and color are very uniform. In addition, more fine animal hair to the top, like a sewing needle. Synthetic hair usually do not have this feature.

View blowing hair wool. Natural hair growth in real animal fur. Even if the cortex after dyeing, it is possible to identify. Faux fur hair cannot be below the animal skin, can only be the texture clear of artificial textile materials.

3, view the clothing lining inside

Took apart the clothes lined one inch size is not so difficult, hard fur allows does not allow you to do so. If the fur is already went home, that apart is a fairly simple thing. Natural fur leather that feels like suede leather and fur are often in strips, massive stitched together. Of course large fur leather fur, such as Persian lambskin, goatskin, sewing larger pieces, but feels there is a feel of natural leather on the back.

Natural fur are often lined with two layers of lining on the inside, the satin lining and outer layer of flannel or wool lining to add warmth. Faux fur is usually uniform texture on the back of man-made fabrics, sometimes visible rows of weaving as sweaters. Faux fur is usually no second layer of lining.

4, needle test

Take a PIN, trying to Pierce leather. If the fur is easily pierced, faux fur if the acupuncture procedure difficult or unable to pierce the needle bottom, the fur is natural fur.

5, combustion test

Combustion testing should be considered the most accurate way of identifying. Typically, combustion of natural fibers and synthetic fibers melt. Carefully remove fur hair, close to the flame. Artificial hair like plastic melting, baking into a hard plastic ball-shaped, it smells like burning plastic; natural hair burning smell like burned hair, and burned to ashes.