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Furs, leather, fur, what is the difference between the three?

Leather, it consists mainly of mammalian skin and processed. Is hair removal and tanning of leather and other physical and chemical processes have received degeneration not rotting animal skins. Leather is made of natural protein fiber tightly woven in the three dimensional space, has a special grain layer on its surface, with natural grain pattern and luster, feel comfortable. General main Sheepskin garment leather, pigskin, cowhide and horsehide.

Fur refers to the use of clothes made of animal fur. Often used for making fur animals, including rabbits, foxes, mink and other rare animals, is the source of fur. Man since primitive times, in hunt for clothes made of animal fur to shield the cold, or his achievements. In the modern era, fur became a symbol of wealth. Because the fur trade facing many animals killing humans, breeding used to skin animals, breeding and killing animals to suffer a lot of pain, so fur trade and consumption is also opposed by conservationists. Or you can call it fur and fur, no essential difference.