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Faux fur will teach you how to pair a fur in the winter dress code?

Fur is compatible with the best items of winter, one of the furry look warm and now in promoting eco-friendly, so artificial wool manufacturers of faux fur coat is absolutely the best choice for you. Pure color of fur looks the most realistic but also the most difficult to hold, worried that they look like bear's girls be careful choice with. Following several artificial wool manufacturers taught the beauty of girls winter faux fur matching dress, makes you more fashionable.

Outside of pure color of fur in addition to the primary colors, it is white's most popular. Simple and clean, especially in snowy weather can't be good! Single white very well with warm, did not play, short cute cute, long is more cool.

1, pants painted on many color fur get dressed Flash like a noble socialite.

2, choice with popular sock boots very foreign flavor, Panasonic compact on the collocation method is not fat.

3 print gown, furs take the same color, clean and expensive gas, match a pair of canvas shoes are wonderful.

4, fixtures jumpsuit mix fur, very tasty.

5, long fur with a black dress, classic colors out of sense of chic, simple and engaging.