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Faux fur is made of what material?

Faux fur is richly valuable "mink" and "Otter", "Silver mouse skin", "Fox", mysterious dappled "Leopard skin", "Tiger", rough and honest "Bearskin", "camel hair" texture soft and silver "budge". Compared to its appearance and natural fur, almost indistinguishable.

Faux fur with good quality, soft, plump, bright light, ain't no boring, cheap price advantages, deeply loved by customers at home and abroad. Faux fur to reduce pressure on the supply and demand of natural fur and has far-reaching implications for nature conservation. Faux fur is made with cotton and acrylic yarn, cloth, acrylic staple fibers woven together. Why natural skin-like it?

Because acrylic is lighter than cotton, wool, polyester, and suction is strong, can be dyed a variety of vivid colors, coupled with structural fluffy, warm and good, natural wool.

Second, weaving methods has enriched its performance capability, which changes colors depending on the light point of transition, and by adjusting the mix proportions and physical properties of hair, so that it has a different texture, so we can mock objects skillfully manufacture all kinds of imitation animal skins.

At present, China can produce long Mao Maopi, sheared fur, Jacquard Weave fur, striped fur ball of fur, such as five classes, there are dozens of varieties, colors and hundreds of species. Among domestic-selling things, but also exported to many countries.