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Faux fur clothing wear and maintenance is like?

Faux fur backing, used for cotton, now mostly use polyester low-elastic yarn. Down, use "synthetic wool" of the acrylic fiber fibre or dedicated to making high transgender acrylic faux fur, an-VDC copolymer. As the acrylic fiber fibers in friction in the process generate static electricity, easy to capture dust and other impurities, and dirty, is down to the outside of the garment and clothing made with colored faux fur, more dirty. Therefore, warrant attention when cleaning.

Clothes after take off, hang up immediately with a coat hanger. Days do not wear clothing should cover anti dust, or hanging in the closet. Hot days before entering the cabinet storage, to bask in the Sun a few times (but should not be exposed), dust off and Gabe cover or plastic film cover in closets. When not using moth balls, faux fur clothing worn or stored in, fluffy surface should not be subject to pressure, so as to avoid deformation affecting the appearance, such as found in down direction clutter can brush along.

Low price, appearance and performance close to the leather faux fur clothing, if you wear, maintenance activities can not only extend the wear life. And its magnificent beauty, often called buckskin characteristics can be maintained for a long time.