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Faux fur cleaning tips

Oil processing:

1, the product is available when cleaning detergent directly to scrub oil stains, if not black, red and other dark color fabric washing powder brush. White fabric available in dilute bleach (1:10) to directly use tooth brush grease can be removed.

2, soup stains: use dishwashing liquid for 10 minutes (add 6 drops of dishwashing liquid in a basin of water, stir), and then for conventional treatment.

3. processing of soy sauce: cleaning with oxalic acid before dilution with a toothbrush dipped to clean pollution, further conventional treatment.

4, mildew treatment: 40 degrees warm soapy water soak for 10 minutes, then routine treatment. Products are available in white fabric with SOAP and water after soaking, place the mold in the Sun to dry for 10 minutes, then routine treatment.

5, fabric dyeing and Denim Blue approach:

When there are serious dye Denim Blue fabrics can be cleaned, wipe the SOAP from the polluted, water along the cloth and gently scrub with a soft brush. Repeat until the stain fade, bearing in mind the pollution has rich bubbles, and this allows dye improvements for General staining can be removed completely. Not hard brushing, to avoid pilling fabric.

6, fabric dyeing and tea stain treatment method. method: the stain evenly on Amway, 10-20 minutes after conventional treatment. effect: tea stains are no longer clear, but fabric whitening occurs.

7, ball-point pen mark removal method 1): colored fabric ballpoint pen mark, available 95% alcohol. 2): before washing, brush handwriting directly by Amway, not water, parking 5 minutes after conventional treatment.

8, fabric fading methods (black fabric): 1) using concentrated salt water soak for 1 minute. 2) salt water into water, with SOAP and water, a soft brush brush evenly.

9, paint cleaning methods. when products have painted, with a toothbrush dipped in alcohol scrub pollution as soon as possible, it stains to fade; SOAP is then applied to the stained area, along the cloth gently with the toothbrush, and then soaked with water 1 hour, and then rinse clean. First by conventional cleaning clean the product, and then with collars clean warm water solution, plush part cleaning it again; in part of the note to hang stuffed up; in case of rainy weather, better to use dryer. When cleaning plush position again, with gentle soap and water solution of water and mild detergent.

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