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Faux fur animal furs?

Every year, the autumn/winter catwalk, and ultimately do the speaking for luxury fashion fur, furs luxury fashion endorsements, its beautiful and noble for all to see. And PETA (humane treatment of animals) is disputed, is also open daily for a long time.

Furs of the colorful birds of shock the heart. However, compared to the warm reaction from fashion week, from animal activists and environmentalists protesting equally fiercely, they would rather be naked than wear fur, and even washed up on the catwalk demonstrations. Privately, to think about, although the fur brought Visual enjoyment no doubt, but standing on the side of animal protection, think bloody fur workmanship, I shudder.

Talk now promote faux fur, is it really is a human behavior? Investigation showed that a lot of faux fur, also contains real animal fur. Also have to say that there is, in the fur making process, arising from pollution of the environment cannot be ignored. Thinking about this, we couldn't help but sigh.

However, environmental protection is an important issue worldwide now must face, any fashion should be gradually respond to the environmental group's call. Although fur can we produce luxury beauty, but we can also use other fabrics instead of fur to make noble beauty.