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Dresses Category

Category Day

1, n-level ceremony dress style general, open collar, sleeve dress formal clothes. Skirt length ranging from knee to dress. The longer the official. Silk or silk texture of the material can be added embroidery, lace, etc., should avoid too luminous fabric. Pearl jewelry is better to hand the packet to be small and delicate, shoes and bags can not be too gorgeous, with satin, velvet, velvet texture based.

2, grade quasi-style dress in chic dresses, coats piece fitted mainly to the knee length skirt can be. From silk to weave texture texture can be applied. Soft color to color better.

3, grade quasi-dress style to style pm and formal evening between skirt length ranging from knee to dress. Jewelry, small, shiny shoes should highlight the gorgeous sense.

Evening species

1, class quasi-dress: style sleeveless or collarless style, not to overemphasize the halter or strapless. Skirt length ranging from knee to dress with gloves Sleeve is based on a very formal dress.

2, n-grade dress: a large open-collar style, full strapless, sleeveless principle. Skirt length should fall to the ground, satin, taffeta fabrics, etc. flash, and other metal jewelry with diamonds, shiny gorgeous parcel, above the elbow gloves, such as shoes and dress for the same quality, the highest formal sense. Evening dress evening formal dress worn after 20:00, Ms. dress is the highest grade, most unique, fully display the personality style of dress. Also known as evening dress, dinner dress, prom dress. Often with shawls, jackets, capes like clothes match, with beautiful decorative gloves together constitute the whole outfit effect.