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Different points of natural fur and faux fur

Natural hair growth in real animal fur. Faux fur hair cannot be below the animal skin, can only be the texture clear of artificial textile materials. Although modern natural fur processing process, sometimes also used the end of artificial materials, however, natural hair is certainly growing in the skin, this will never change.

Faux fur at first glance, or excessively bright, distortion of gloss or hair tangled and unkempt, and the lack of guard hair. Often more than just for a coat fur stitched into, so the colors and patterns of the unification cannot be coordinated like a faux fur.

Natural fur guard hairs there end of a layer of rich velvet, cashmere is the end of guard hair faux fur coat structure is simple, no end of wool, and hair length and color are very uniform. In addition, more fine animal hair to the top, as well as sewing needles, artificial hair usually does not have this feature.

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